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Zoom CMOR workshop

CMOR Workshop intro for NorESM

A mini-workshop was held on post-processing (CMOR) NorESM2 output data A half day workshop was held online via Zoom in the morning of Tuesday, 8th of June. 14 NorESM developers and users from 6 Norwegian institutions participated in the workshop. The workshop was started with 1 hour presenation to introduce some basic ideas and workflow… Read More »CMOR Workshop intro for NorESM

NorESM2.0.4 released image

NorESM2.0.4 released

In this release, notable changes compared to previous NorESM2.0.x releases are support for running on the Sigma2 machine Betzy, modified settings for running on the Sigma2 machine Fram and automatic archiving of case folders. In addition, the code of the ocean component BLOM has been significantly restructured and modernized, although still reproducing results of when… Read More »NorESM2.0.4 released