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New NorESM release available!

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We are happy to announce the release of the new NorESM2.1 version!

NorESM2.1 is a technical development version of NorESM2 that includes a few bug fixes along with numerous code improvements (including new system regression testing across the model system) from the NorESM2.0 release (NorESM tag release-noresm2.0.7). This implies that NorESM2.1 relies on the same compset creation, set up, build and run procedures as NorESM2.0, but will not generally produce the same model output.

NorESM2.1 being a technical development version, as opposed to a scientifically supported version, implies that tests have been carried out to ensure that NorESM2.1 successfully has carried out the new system regression tests (included verifying bit-for-bit restarts and other metrics) for a basic set of compsets. However, the model has not been tuned to produce a stable pre-industrial climate and the model’s scientific performance is not documented. Users who wish to run a scientifically supported and/or CMIP6-compatible version should make use of the latest release-noresm2.0.7.

Global annual mean surface (2m) air temperature in fully-coupled simulations.

For further details about the NorESM2.1 release, please check out: