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Norwegian Earth System Model

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At the bleeding edge of climate modeling: Aerosols in NorESM

The largest uncertainties in the radiative forcing of climate are caused by aerosol and aerosol-cloud interactions1. As part of the …

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New NorESM movie released!

  The coordinator of the RCN infrastructure project INES, Mats Bentsen, has together with researchers, people from the communication dept. …

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A climate model solves mathematically formulated natural laws on a three-dimensional grid. The climate model divides the soil system into components (atmosphere, sea, sea ice, land with vegetation, etc.) that interact through transmission of energy, motion and moisture. When the climate model also includes advanced interactive atmosphere chemistry and biogeochemical cycles (such as the carbon cycle), it is called an earth system model. 

The Norwegian Earth System Model NorESM has been developed since 2007 and has been an important tool for Norwegian climate researchers in the study of the past, present and future climate. NorESM has also contributed to climate simulation that has been used in research assessed in the IPCC’s fifth main report.